Printing Coordination

Frey Design knows that for optimum printing results the process benefits from close oversight. Oversight begins with the choice of printer, color proof review, paper and ink type, on-site press checks, varnish or other strategic coating options and then scoring, binding or other processes. Having someone who understands the process and can speak the language most always leads to superior results and can save money.

On-press proof review is critical to making sure colors match desired goals or at times be pushed for greater impact. A press person will seek to match the proof provided and expertly do in most cases. While this is good form, there are times when other adjustments can be made on press for greater results yet the press person may not feel the freedom to make that move without permission.

Getting a design file ready for press is a large part of any job, yet the investment made to buying print should be grounded in experienced oversight for best results.