Frey Design Team of Creative Partners:

Todd Duvall, Copyman, Copywriting
Todd is an intuitive observer and creative talent. He is one of those unique individuals who can capture the essence of a message in a few crafted words. Whether it is headlines or body copy, Todd brings creativity and impact to every assignment.
Mitch Frey, Mitch Frey Illustration
How can you not work with a guy who shares your last name? When he is your brother it makes it even more fun. Mitch is an excellent illustrator and we have teamed together often. With a great eye for style, color and detail, Mitch is among the best. He also has a wonderful sense of humor.
Jerry Hart, Photography
Jerry's specialty is people. Part of this is because he has a way of bringing out the best. Jerry has a great eye for capturing the human spirit and for composing compelling images.
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