Frey Design

The branding of your identity is perceived at every intersection of communication between your business and others. Your brand goes beyond what you communicate, it is better described as how you are perceived - what others experience from you or your company.

As an example, before walking into a home you have yet to visit, you have a perception that starts from what others say, then from your first view while approaching from the street, it continues at the entry, then as you walk through the door and greet and communicate with others as you move and view the home room by room. The whole of the experience from spoken word, to what you see and experience first hand is a brand experience of sorts.

Many think branding is changing the logo. To think that changing the logo is a rebrand is like saying that replacing the front door is redecorating the house. It's an important part of the work that may need to be done, a key and visible doorway but by itself likely incomplete.

To brand requires the gathering of information from research, observation, interviews from which succinct summaries are developed which move to your strategic identity conclusions. This serves to launch measurable initiatives across structural, communicative and marketing avenues.

Frey Design and creative partners can help you brand a strong and new identity.